Is your Facebook profile socially acceptable ?

"If getting a job was not hard enough in this tough economic climate, one in ten young people have been rejected for a job because of their social media profile"

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Facebook cleanup

Why does it matter?

We are a generation who live their life on social network.  As managers and employers become tech savy, it is easy to identify an individual online.

Today there  are many individuals, celebrities, athletes and politicians have lost their jobs or been forced to resign because of content posted to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. 

A whooping 93% of recruiters check out social media profiles of prospective hires!

Facebook personal analytics

What is that?

How famous are you among your friends? Let us show you for free! 

How well do you know your friends? Do you know what content of yours do your friends like? Analyze your posts to find out how your network has changed over time. Search you own posts by  custom filters.

What we do?

We collect your information from Facebook, analyze it via vital parameters and help you get a better insight of your own profile. We help you identify content that might be objectionable in your profile. We also help you understand your friends network better by giving you data intutitively by easy charts and graphs. Check out the features below.

Best of all,  its free!